My name is Hope Guedry Marcantel.   I started Boot Camp Code Pink with the intention of reaching as many women as possible .   The picture that I am holding is a woman who you can't see the eyes of.  If you did ,  you would see a very unhappy woman.  The before picture of me was taken over 10 years ago.. It was at one of my heaviest times.  Every day millions of people spend tremendous amounts of money looking for that "get skinny quick" solution to a problem that took years to create some even going back through childhood years. Loosing weight and feeling great about oneself doesn't come in a magic bottle, pill,  machine or product.  It comes from something much deeper than that.   The belief that You are worth it!  The motivation may lie dormant for years.

I know it is waiting to come out!

I know there is a little voice inside saying you can't do this.

I know there is a bigger voice and it is saying YOU CAN !!!

Loosing weight and changing your thought process can be done.

It may not be easy.  

At Boot Camp Code Pink you are not alone.

 Boot Camp Code Pink  will help you achieve your goals.

You choose your level  boot camp classes and/or  personal coaching.

Let Boot Camp Code Pink  help you release that big voice that is ready to come out.

Anything is Possible When You Have Hope

Before I started working out with Hope I was scared.  The fear was of failing.  The fear was of not being able to do the exercises.  The fear was of being judged as a fat girl working out.  The fear was of letting myself down.  The fear was of letting my son down.  The fear was of others finding out I was working out and then I stop and disappoint them.  Hope told me she would not let me fail.  I knew she meant it too. 

Knowing that someone believes in you helps you to believe in yourself!  Knowing Hope was on my side has kept me going through these past 9 months. 

Working out with Hope as a personal training client is a challenge at times.  Hope knows this.  The rest of the group knows this and that’s what makes it easier to stick with than any other workout plan I have tried before.

Hope told me from the beginning not to worry about the numbers on the scale.  I trusted her.  I still do not know my starting weight, my current weight or how many pounds that I have or have not lost.  Hope knows my numbers.  One day, when the time is right I’ll see and know the numbers.  For now,  I do know that I have lost 24.5 inches.  2 FEET of body is gone.  From training and eating right with the guidance of Hope!  I do know that I feel so much better physically and mentally!  I feel empowered, energized and confident in all areas of my life.I highly recommend working with Hope as a personal training client or in one of her Bootcamp Code Pink Classes.  I am excited to say I know I will write another testimonial as I continue to see results.


Boot Camp Code Pink